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Breakfast at IVAR (Inland Valley Association of Realtors) this morning the guest speaker was Riverside County Supervisor Kevin Jefferies. He gave a great yet depressing talk about the inefficiencies and high cost of government.

One example was the recent vote by Riverside County Transportation Commission. This Commission is made up of OUR ELECTED CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS.

On July 10th this year they voted to spend the surplus revenues (about $200 million this year) from the Corona 91 Freeway and instead of paying back the BILLION DOLLARS in construction loans, they voted to classify it a surplus and spend it on non-transportation projects.

Secondly, they voted to make the HOV lanes on the 91, 15, 215, and the 60 into TOLL ROADS with no apparent benefit to the county residents except to give more money to the government.

Thirdly, they voted to spend up to $3.8 million to "Educate the voting public in Riverside County as to the benefits of passing November 2020 sales tax increase for transportation projects. This is in addition to the statewide gas tax and DMV fee increases."

We VOTED for these #@%#^#. (my wife will not allow me to use descriptive adjectives.

For more details see: Riverside County Supervisor Kevin Jefferies News Letter August 2019