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April 28, 2022

Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Staging a Home on the Market

Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Staging a Home on the Market


Staging is one of the most important things someone can do when selling their home. Not only does good staging allow you to sell your home faster (on average, within a week), but it also ensures you get ...

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Jan. 5, 2022

New Higher Conventional Loan Limits

The MASSIVE jump in loan limits for conventional loans in 2022 puts buying a better home within reach for many homeowners looking to upgrade! We'd be happy to meet and show you how these changes affect your home buying or selling process!

Information about the new higher loan limits for buying a house

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Jan. 4, 2022

Learn More About the True Costs of Buying a Home

Costs of buying a home - stacks of coins

Down Payment:  That is the percentage of the purchase price required by the lender (i.e.,3.5%, 5%, 10%, or more or zero down payment  for VA loans

Closing Costs: These are charges that the lender makes for lending a buyer the money to buy the home ...

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Dec. 3, 2021

Buying a New Home? Features to Look for

6 Top Features to Look for When Buying a New Home


Buying a new home is a thrilling process that ensures you can make whatever life you want for yourself. Every home you look at, every area you visit, and each listing you read could be the difference between ...

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March 25, 2020

Zillow Canceling Home Purchase Contracts

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March 10, 2020

Revocable Transfer Upon Death Deed (RTDD or TOD) Expires January 1, 2021

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March 6, 2020

Bedford Homes in South Corona

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Feb. 27, 2020

Buying a Home with the Seller's Agent or Your Own Agent?

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Feb. 21, 2020

flaws of Prop. 13, the 2020 impostor

My wife set me this article published in the Pasadena Star-News. I do not know why the California Legislature titled this "Prop. 13" when we already have a very important Prop 13 in effect that limits State and County Governments from increasing property tax more that 2% per year.  ...

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Feb. 13, 2020

California law imposes some real restrictions on Water Use

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