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May 31, 2016

Why Home Buyers Should Use a Buyer's Agent

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Buyers Should Definitely Use a Buyer's Agent!   

Real estate agent helping home buyers If you are thinking of buying a home, you may wonder about buyer’s agents and whether you should work with one or not.  Buyers should definitely have their own representation – and not ...

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Feb. 16, 2016

What You Should Do Before Applying for a Home Loan

Buying a home, applying for a home loanBuying a Home - what to do before you apply for a loan

If you are thinking of buying a house within the next several months, there are some things that you should do before you actually start working with a lender.   Whether you are a first time buyer or ...

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Dec. 30, 2015

Sellers and Buyers Beware: Leased Solar Panels Can Complicate or Kill House Sales/Purchases

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Jan. 8, 2015

Why You Need a Mortgage Pre-approval before You Start Looking at Houses

Buying a houseThe Importance of Getting Pre-Approved

Buying a home

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Nov. 16, 2014

What makes a house qualify (or not) for FHA financing?

Buying a Home

FHA Appraisals and Minimum Property Requirements

home for sale - FHA appraisalsWe’ve had several calls from buyers recently asking about certain homes and if they were approved for FHA financing.  So we thought that this would be a good topic for a blog post.

For the most part, it takes an ...

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