Home Ownership Rates



Interesting data from the recent posting from the United States Census Bureau about Home Ownership.

California shows home ownership hits a 9 year high.  That is great news!

However, California's rate of 56.3% of residents who own homes ranks 49th of the 50 states with only New York ranking the lowest at 51.6%. 

The top ten states of residents owning homes are:

West Virginia 78.1% 

New Hampshire 75.4%

Maine 74.4%

Mississippi 73.7%

Minnesota 73.4%

Michigan 73.3%

Idaho 73.1%

South Carolina 72.1%

Wyoming 72.1%

Delaware 71.9%


With an National Average of 67.2%


From this same report it shows that the Riverside/San Bernardino Counties are over 10% higher than California with home ownership of 67.7% - reaching an 11 year high and slightly above the national average.