Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Staging a Home on the Market


Staging is one of the most important things someone can do when selling their home. Not only does good staging allow you to sell your home faster (on average, within a week), but it also ensures you get more money for your home and more interest in it.


Whether you're considering putting your home on the market or it's been up for months with no bites, these are the most important things you can do to ensure your home sells quickly and for the money you want. 

Replacing Small Details En Masse

The best small thing you can do to refresh the feeling of your entire property is to replace all of the small details. This means doorknobs, handles on cabinets, light fixtures, switch plates, faucets, and more. Although none of these purchases alone will cost more than a hundred dollars, they can add up to thousands of dollars of perceived value. Because these details are small, the eyes will skim over them, and the value that people assume they have will come to the front.

Adding Moisture Resistant Paint


Water is one of the most damaging things on Earth. Not only can it erode rock, but even just hanging in the air can let it ruin paint and wood. If you want to protect your home from mold, and ensure buyers feel secure in their purchase, consider using moisture-resistant paint throughout your home! This is most important in areas like basements and bathrooms, where moisture hangs out more and can do more damage. Any fresh paint on walls will make a space feel fresh, but adding moisture-resistant paint can allow the entire area to feel new and clean.

Updating Wood Stains to Play Well Together

If your home has far too many furniture and wood stain colors playing against each other in every room: it'll start to clash. Instead, it's a good idea to try to stick to one or two main colors so that the rooms feel cohesive and purposeful. To do this, use a stain stripper, sand down the surface, stain, and then seal the surface. Doing this to multiple pieces of furniture will create rooms that feel like they're designed intelligently.

Adding Perks Like Heated Floors

Heated floors are a wonderful perk that can excite people into feeling like they’ve found a touch of luxury when looking at your home. Not only are heated floors great for keeping cozy on cool mornings, but they also help fight off moisture. Taking it further and adding a heated shower floor will ensure there’s no chilly morning that you can’t take on, and the buyers will appreciate it!

Allow More Light Into Your Home


We could all use more natural light in our lives. Not only is sunlight good for mental health, but it can also help you spend less every month on lighting instead of having to turn on a light switch every time you enter a room. Look into getting replacement window inserts that will let in far more sunlight, and consider arranging your furniture so that the sunlight splashes across it on sunny days. This will help get more buyers to feel attached to the rooms.

Deep Cleaning From Top to Bottom


Although you may have taken care of your property while you've lived there, a deep clean is still necessary. People want to picture their lives in these properties, and that's easier if they don't see the grime and dead skin cells of whoever lived there before them. The most important places to focus your cleaning efforts are in your kitchen and your bathrooms. These areas are the ones people want to be cleaned more than any other, and refreshing them will allow you to make the rooms look brand new.

Pull All Couches and Seating Away From Walls

Although this may sound strange: pulling furniture away from your walls is a vital part of staging. Having at least a foot of space between your seating and the walls creates the illusion of a larger and more spacious area. This will inspire buyers as they walk through and give them the chance to picture how all of their furniture will fit into a room.

Increase Your Entrance Appeal

When buyers first enter your home, what do they see? Why not create a space that invites them to look around and may even feel like home to them? To do this, add details like paintings, good lighting, a shoe and coat rack, and a welcome rug. Avoid adding things that feel personal to you or your family, and instead, make it as welcoming as possible to anyone who might walk through your door.

Every Home Can Be Staged to Sell Quickly

Staging may feel like a lot to take on, but anyone can do it if you take the time to study up and get to know what it means. Get to know your property and update it, so it sells quickly!


Andrea Erickson is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. She is a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Andrea is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.