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by Rebecca Nelson | May 23, 2016

Nestled in the foothills near Lake Mathews in Riverside CA lies the quiet, close-knit community of Victoria Grove. Among the many amenities this stunning Riverside, California community boasts, Lake Mathews Elementary may be its crown jewel.

Since its beginning, Lake Mathews Elementary has always held a place of pride in the hearts of those in and around the community of Victoria Grove. In 2015, Lake Mathews Elementary proved its value when it was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School recipient.

The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools based on their overall academic excellence. Since 1982, more than 7,500 of schools across the country have been presented with this coveted award, about 800 in California. This may not seem significant but the numbers represent only about 6% of the total schools in California and nationally.Lake Mathews Elementary School - Blue Ribbon Award

Lake Mathews Elementary joined three other schools in the Riverside Unified School District when it received this prestigious award. The administration, teachers, and staff work together to provide a top-notch learning atmosphere and a safe place for all children. Of course, this type of recognition would be impossible without gifted and hardworking students along with continued support from parents and volunteers. As a current Victoria Grove resident with three children  that have attended Lake Mathews and as a regular substitute teacher at the school, I have had many opportunities to see this award winner in action. It has been an honor to work closely with
so many wonderful educators.

The National Blue Ribbon School flag flies overhead the beautiful campus of Lake Mathews Elementary, a symbol of exemplary teaching and learning. It has been a year of celebration for the school and nearby communities and another great reason to take a closer look at Victoria  Grove in Riverside, California.

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Rebecca Nelson