Real Estate Market Snapshot for Corona CA

March 2015



Year              # of Houses & Condos      Avg Listing Price        Avg Sold Price

2015                          198                   $422,008                  $417,217

2014                          205                   $399,078                  $397,374

2013                          202                   $339,007                  $339,558   

2012                          303                   $310,824                  $307,791


Here is a quick snapshot of home and condo sales in Corona California comparing March of this year to the same time period for the previous three years.  It is very interesting that the number of sales was much higher in 2012 than the next three years - but the prices have gone up significantly.  In fact, prices increased 35.5% from March 2012 to March 2015.  There quite a large difference in home prices in Riverside vs. Corona.  Part of that difference is due to the fact that homes in Corona tend to be larger than in Riverside (the average size of the homes/condos in Corona that sold in March 2015 was 2122 sq ft vs. 1817 sq ft in Riverside. 

Corona CA real estate palms