So our Dance continues…this morning Lakota and I danced with four coyotes, yes four. 

It is not as bad as it sounds, when I got to the top of the hill I found a coyote coming out of a wash about 15 yards away not looking at me but watching the hill to the east. 

I also looked and found Lakota in a confrontation with three other coyotes; with the coyote in front of me quickly running to join the other three. 

So this is a record 4 coyotes to my one Lakota. 

When I came closer the largest coyote took off with Lakota hot on his tail and the other three disappeared in back of me and down the wash.  

After Lakota “tagged” the larger coyote a couple of times (tagging is when she catches the coyote and nips it on the back of the neck and the animal takes a tumble, it does not hurt the coyote at all, just humiliates them) she came trotting back to me, but not without the coyote taunting her but she ignored him.